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For Old Navy, its values of inclusion, equality and empowerment are core to its brand. The company was co-founded by a woman, Doris Fisher, who matched her husband dollar for dollar to invest almost 50 years ago into what is now Gap Inc. Sixty-five percent of Old Navy’s leadership team is composed of females, and Gap Inc. was the first Fortune 500 company to report equal pay for equal work. That is why Old Navy has, and continues to, celebrate key events like International Women’s Day.



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In 2019, Old Navy sought to deepen connections with customers who share its core values around International Women’s Day. With an executive leadership team whose majority is female, Old Navy knows the power of women. Such an environment, however, is not the reality most women face.

The goal was to participate in the cultural conversation of International Women’s Day with a multi-city, cut-through activation that championed women’s empowerment while authentically reflecting the brand’s DNA.

Strategy & Approach

Our strategy to create a campaign to inspire girls and women not only to break through the glass ceiling, but to shatter it. The SKY’S THE LIMIT initiative was born, and PMG was tasked with using media and activations to support and amplify.

Old Navy spread sky-high words of empowerment throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City with the help of professional skytypers. The SKY’S THE LIMIT campaign encouraged women and girls to look up and be inspired, not only on International Women’s Day, but every day with empowering sky messages like “SHATTER THE CEILING,” “WOMEN’S DAY EVERY DAY,” and “THE FUTURE IS FEARLESS,” among others.

In addition to a partnership with the nation’s only female professional skytyper, Suzanne-Asbury Oliver, Old Navy also partnered with actress Lana Condor. The #skysthelimit message was further supported with a robust influencer program with over 55 creators and custom Facebook Story filters to engage fans across the country and encourage social conversation around the impactful day.

The experiential component was supported with influencer marketing, social amplification and digital editorial extensions, including podcast integrations and a custom editorial titled “Creating A Culture of Empowerment” spotlighting Old Navy CMO Jamie Gersch.


The campaign was a tremendous success. Old Navy saw one billion earned media impressions, including broadcast coverage in E! News and articles on, and USA Today, among others. The campaign surpassed goals for brand awareness and love, with huge spikes in ad recall (+89%), favorability (+229%), and intent (+110%).

Additionally, the paid social content on Facebook and Instagram racked up nearly one million video views and beat industry benchmarks with engagement rates as high as 10%. Posts featuring Lana Condor using Old Navy’s custom Facebook AR camera effect earned the strongest response from the social audience, proving to be a winning combination of celebrity power and interactive content. Engagement rates on paid Twitter content also outpaced retail benchmarks on the network by 4X, while the influencer activation generated an engagement rate 9X the industry benchmark.

The editorial partnership also thrived, delivering more than 651k podcast listens, and time spent on the custom editorial beating benchmarks by 58%.